We have a successful strategy for our image as an employer.

We have a successful strategy for hiring and retaining our talent.

We have a successful strategy for engaging and developing our staff.

Employer Brand Marketing

We understand the importance of employer branding for our business.

We are satisfied with how our employer brand is perceived in the market.

We often seek out new ways to enhance our employer brand.

Hiring & Sourcing

We are satisfied with our current hiring process.

We attract the right candidates that understand and fit our culture.

We hire only individuals that we believe will productively engage with the business.

Onboarding & Training

The majority of our new hires effectively onboard and train well.

We have an effective process for developing or terminating new hires.

We often rely on staff to evaluate new hires and their continued development.

Staff Communications

Our staff understands their job duties and what is expected of them.

Our staff proudly represents our brand in house and within their social network.

We explore new ways to effectively communicate with our staff.

Staff Culture

Our staff culture has a strong reputation in the F&B market.

The quality of our staff is a significant factor in retention success.

We often take new initiatives to further develop and build staff culture.

Team Work & Collaboration

We are satisfied with the level of team work and collaboration among staff.

We only hire individuals that demonstrate a high level of cooperation.

Our employees are motivated to share their industry knowledge and skills.

Staff Retention

We are satisfied with the level of turnover in our business.

We are frequently working on new ways to reduce turnover.

We proactively listen to staff needs to reduce turnover.

Staff Productivity

Our brand represents a strong work ethic in the market.

We only hire people that demonstrate a performance-driven mindset

We have a successful process for increasing staff productivity

Staff Development

We invest in the individual development of every employee.

We only hire people that have a willingness to grow.

We have a successful process for rewarding and promoting talent